How lovely it was to see these three senior choristers together again singing at the Carol Service after fifteen or more years apart! MarieAnne Beardmore still sings with the choir on a regular basis as she is based in Newport, but it was a pleasure to welcome back Sarah Rettig (nee Dixon), Ruth Dixon’s elder daughter, and Louise Fox (nee Evans), Ruth Evans’s daughter. They were home for Christmas and were delighted to be invited to join the choir for this special service. Sarah and MarieAnne were both Bishop’s choristers (RSCM awards) whilst Louise gained the St Cecelia award, the highest medal awarded by the RSCM, as well as being Head Girl. Sarah is living in Waechtersbach, near Frankfurt in Germany, whilst Louise is living in Harlow in Essex. Sarah was home with her two daughters, while Louise and husband Paul’s two sons accompanied them to Newport for the festivities. It was a pleasure to have them back in the choir as they are both excellent musicians and the three ladies formed a strong top soprano line at the end of the choir stalls. It was great to have you with us, girls/ladies (!), and I hope we are able to repeat a reunion of the three of you in the choir in the near future.

St John's Church Maindee