The Anniversary Cross

Commemorating 50 Years

The Anniversary Cross is located on the north wall of St John’s Church. It commemorates 50 years of church life following a tragic and devastating fire where much of St John’s was destroyed.

The Anniversary Cross

From Tragedy To Transformation

The Anniversary Cross was created in 2002 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of St. John’s Church being re-opened in 1952 after the fire that had destroyed so much of its interior in 1949. It was only through the hard work and commitment of the church members of the time that the church was totally refurbished and transformed.

The Revd Dr Rowan Williams (former Archbishop of Wales and Bishop of Monmouth) wrote these words:

“There is always something very special about a church that shows in its very fabric the experience of death and resurrection.

St. John’s, with its spacious and graceful proportions, is much loved as a building, but part of its atmosphere is also surely the knowledge that it has risen from the ashes of the disaster of 1949.”

Archbishop Rowan officiated at the service of Thanksgiving, Holy Eucharist and Blessing of the 50th Anniversary Cross on Sunday 29th September 2002.


Three Christian Images

Bible, Celtic Cross and Fish

The stained glass was produced by Elaine Seer.

The Altar fabric panel was produced by the Leader and children of the Junior Sunday School.

St John The Evangelist

Cross-Stitch Panel

The beautiful work of Margaret Atkins.

The Revelation Of St John

A Painting

By artist Andrew Wookey.

Calling Of the Disciples

Fish-symbol Collage

Made by the leader and children of the Infant Sunday School.

The Pulpit

Teaching In The Church

Stained glass produced by Elaine Seer.

The Nativity

Birth Of Christ Child

Using a mixture of materials produced by pack leader and brownies.

The Choir

Music Of The Church

Stained glass panel produced by Elaine Seer.


Mosaic Panel

Produced by David Wyatt.

The Eucharist

Mosaic Panel

Produced by David Wyatt

Worldwide Mothers Union

Tapestry Panel

Produced by Eileen Williams.

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