Sister Churches

Sister Churches

In addition to St John’s, there are three sister churches in the Parish of Maindee and Lliswerry. St Andrew’s, St Mary’s and St Philip’s are all part of our church community.

St Andrew's Church, Lliswerry

St. Andrew’s has been recently refurbished and is in extremely good condition. Parishioners take a pride in its grounds and premises. All newcomers are most welcome.

Sunday Service

Weekly – 9:30 am Each Sunday
Weekly – 7:00 pm Each Sunday

Mid-Week Eucharist

Weekly – 9:30 am Each Wednesday

* NOTE: Current Sevices Are Livestreamed simultaneously on YouTube & Facebook during the C19 Closure *

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The church was forced to close some years ago after it was found to have dry rot. It was left with the huge task of fundraising £50,000 to pay for the vital work needed for repair. £47,000 was raised for this historic old building. The money was collected through a combination of private and corporate donations, jumble sales and bucket collections.

Please Note:

Until further notice, for information regarding Baptisms, Weddings or any other enquiries about St Andrew’s, please contact Rev Linda direct at parishoflliswerry@gmail.comPlease don’t use the online booking forms elsewhere on the site.

St Andrews Church

St Philip's Church

This church is in need of some repair but it has a good size hall and a loyal and regular congregation.

Sunday Services

Weekly – 4:00 pm Each Sunday

Midweek Mass

Weekly – 10:00 am Each Tuesday

On the 5th Sunday, there is an All Age Worship service

It is located on the north-west side of Jenkins Street close to its junction with Corporation Road. It originated as a Mission Church to satisfy the immediate needs of a growing congregation in the area in the 1920s. An appeal was launched for funds to build a Sunday School close to Corporation Road School (as St Andrews School, opposite, was then known). In July 1925, the new building was opened, serving as a parish hall and Sunday School.  After operating in this capacity for 25 years, in 1950 the building was elevated to the status of a church (though still within the parish of St Andrew) and dedicated to St Philip, apostle and martyr.

St Philips Church

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