We are currently on track for re-opening St. John’s for corporate worship, starting Sunday, 26th July 2020, at the usual time of 10:45.  The plan is to hold worship services from that date every Sunday (at 10:45) and Wednesday (at 10:30).

As you might expect, things will look rather different:  we are facing various restrictions and risk assessments built around social distancing, cleaning, sanitising, and minimising viral spread.  That said, there is certainly something to be celebrated in being able to meet again, under whatever conditions, and I look forward to welcoming you all, as and when you are ready.

** IMPORTANT! **  In order to manage demand against physical space in the building, we are looking at a maximum of about 30 people who may be allowed to worship, at a safe social distance, at any one given time.  The number is not flexible, as it is to do with how much space we can allot and still keep people relatively safe.

Please note that we plan to continue our online worship indefinitely in some form or another, in order to minister to those who are continuing to shield or isolate.  The online ministry has been a successful thing in itself and will not stop merely because in-person worship is resuming.

** THEREFORE ** to help us plan for numbers and maximise our ability to minister to as many as want it, please can you advise me *IF* you are coming and *WHEN* (i.e., Sunday or Wednesday).  If you’ve already spoken to Margaret Atkins or John Granger, please will you let me know that, too?

if you are part of our regular Wednesday congregation (or would be happy to join), we are asking you to come ONLY to the Wednesday service, so that those who can only attend on Sunday will also have access to physical worship.

Thus far I am aware of 18 people aiming to attend on Sunday the 26th and 4 aiming to attend on Wednesday the 29th, so please do reply if you’d like to join those numbers.

I will look forward to seeing you all again at long last!

God bless,


St John's Church Maindee