On a very warm Friday evening, sixty plus people arrived at the St Andrew’s Church Hall to literally sing for their supper. Ages ranged from 8 years to eighty plus and it was a pleasure to welcome members from St Andrew’s, St Teilo’s, St Phillip’s and St John’s to the evening arranged by Rev Linda Batt in order for people to get to know each other in a social context. What a success it was!! We started singing for our supper at 6.30pm and our fish and chips (and lots of other things!) arrived at 7.30 when everyone was really ready to eat. We had sung a variety of old time songs, several fun rounds like London’s Burning and listened to the lovely singing of two senior choristers from St John’s, Rhianwen and Freya, as they sang ‘Hallelujah’ from the musical Shrek, before starting us off singing ‘Somewhere over a rainbow’.

The food, brought in from a chip shop in Bettws, was delicious and the hall was really quiet as everybody tucked into their choice of food. Soon the conversations and laughter re-appeared as people looked sated and relaxed. The second half continued with well known songs for everyone to sing and the more energetic members joined in the fun of singing ‘My Bonnie lies over the ocean’, where you have to stand up or sit down every time we sang a word beginning with the letter B. Not as easy as it seems but we had great fun trying to get it right. Did we all succeed? NO!!

Father Will had begun the evening with prayer and a warm welcome and as we finished at 8.30, Rev Linda ended the evening with grateful thanks and a closing prayer. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, joining in so well with the singing and chatting away throughout the evening and there was a good atmosphere of fellowship. John led the singing with our own Maestro, Margaret at the keyboard, with no music and only the words to guide her brilliant accompaniments!! Our sincere and grateful thanks to the ladies of St Andrew’s who spent the afternoon laying up and preparing for the evening, to Rev Linda for her great suggestion and to all those who supported the event. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and I hope that everyone else did just as much. If you did enjoy the evening, tell your friends because we are arranging another evening with a Christmas theme in St John’s early in December! Look out for details.

St John's Church Maindee