A lovely service at St John’s for Harvest Festival. Father will led the service and preached and linked his sermon to our mission project to grow the churches in the parish of Maindee and Lliswerry. He talked about the importance of planning for the harvest, then the hard work of planting the seeds, then praying to reap what we have sown. As the farmer has to do all of this, so must we as parishioners work together to grow the church in order to reap the benefits of our planning, hard work and prayer. There was a very pleasing number in the congregation and the choir led the singing of the traditional Harvest hymns, singing ‘Thou visitest the earth and waterest it’ (Greene) during the communion. Father Will thanked Pam and her team of flower arrangers for the lovely displays around the church and sanctuary and also thanked the craft group for the unusual but lovely window display of crafted and sewn fruit items, which caused much interested comment. The service was followed by a Harvest lunch at the Masonic Hall, attended by forty parishioners who all enjoyed the lovely food provided by the catering staff.

St John's Church Maindee