One Saturday evening, last July, about 5.30 p.m. I was preparing tea when Bob and I received the most dreadful phone call from our younger granddaughter, Hollie, telling us that her sister Emily had been involved in a horrendous car crash on the outskirts Merthyr Tydfil.

Emily, a 20 year old student nurse training in paediatrics was driving home after finishing a 12-hour shift when her car aquaplaned on the very wet road, hit a tree and demolished a lamp post. The result was horrendous injuries to both legs, above and below the knees, and broken feet. The following day- Sunday- her name was put on the sick list in Church and many people prayed for her recovery.

Emily’s parents were told it would be at least 1 year before she would walk again but through the magnificent support of the Prince Charles Hospital Merthyr, the physiotherapists, her family as well as Emily’s sheer determination, she was back in university ( all be it in a wheelchair), ably supported by her student friends within 6 months. Again the support of the university in selecting her placements meant she could go back to the hospitals to continue her training.

Emily was selected by her student nursing group to represent all students of the University of South Wales for her outstanding perseverance and out of 1300 students, she came 2nd. She was nominated in the USW(University of South Wales) Nursing and Midwifery Student and Mentor Awards and has since been selected as Student of the Year.

On 18th June she obtained a first class honours degree in Paediatric Nursing which has enabled her to take up her dream job of specialising in the Special Baby Care Unit at the Royal Gwent Hospital.

I have been asked by so many friends in Church of Emily’s progress and their many prayers for her recovery. They have encouraged me to write this report and illustrate that yes, prayers do get answered.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Her very proud and grateful grandparents.

Margaret and Bob Atkins.

St John's Church Maindee