Nearly forty friends gathered in the church hall to enjoy fellowship and good food, with a bit of fun thrown in. Well organised by the ‘young’ ladies in the kitchen, the food on the tables was outstanding: beautifully prepared and of excellent quality. What was even better was that all the food was donated free of charge and the money raised from the event will be a welcome addition to church funds. The tables were nicely decorated and the variety of cut sandwiches was very enticing, as people sat down to eat and chat over a cup of tea or coffee. Then came the cakes: all sorts of cream cakes, fruit cakes, eclairs, Bakewell tarts and more and more…… We then enjoyed a poem from our very own Pam Ayres (Isabelle) before the trifle was served. A few stories from Isabelle and then the scones with cream and jam were served. There was much discussion about the merits and demerits of Devonshire or Cornish jam and cream scones, but I’m not taking sides as they were delicious!! Then a sing-a-long with Stephen at the piano and to liven things up, John led everyone in an entertaining version of ‘My Bonnie lies over the ocean’. You have to stand up or sit down every time you sing a word beginning with the letter ‘B’. Well, what confusion!! Nobody ended up in the right position despite several attempts to get it right. (Think about it: it starts off easy but then becomes a very quick stand/sit adventure!!!) Good fun, a few more laughs about the dead hare and the life-saving hairspray with a permanent wave and we were off home, well sated and laughing. A lovely afternoon and many thanks to Margaret and her very hard-working ladies, and to all who donated the lovely sandwiches and cakes.

St John's Church Maindee