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Follow the camera as it passes in and around the different areas of St John’s to gentle background music. If you are new or considering joining, this tour will give you an appreciation of the church, it’s architecture and history.

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Are you an inquiring visitor, someone new to the Parish or, perhaps, thinking of joining? Maybe you’d like to see the church while you’re unable to visit? Wherever your interest may lie, we hope you will enjoy our 2-minute walk-around visual tour of St John the Evangelist, Maindee.

Our Church In 2018

St John’s Church in Maindee has served the local community for over 150 years and become a local landmark in the area. On Saturday 12 November 1949, a major fire began in the church and a great part of the interior was, sadly, destroyed.

The church of today (and the church you will see here) retains it’s original impressive Victorian architecture, while much of the inside was rebuilt.  A substantial part of the interior dates from the 3 years following the 1949 fire but we hope you’ll agree, the church is a magnificent and beautiful building today, both inside and out.

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