The Role of Church Wardens in the Church of Wales

Brian H

Brian H

The office of Church Warden dates back to the 13th century. In modern day times, Church Wardens have become the local officers of the Diocesan Bishop.

Every parish has two Church Wardens. They have to be 18 years or over and ideally, no more than 75 years. They are elected at the Annual Vestry meeting which is held around Easter time. One of the Wardens becomes the People’s Warden, elected by the Parochial Church Council and the other is the Vicar’s Warden. A Warden can serve for a period of 6 years. This rule can be waved by the Arch- Deacon if the position cannot be filled.

Church Wardens have many legal responsibilities. Primarily they are responsible for the maintenance of the Church building and its grounds. Working with the Vicar in the day-to-day running of the Church, for example in services, in social events and in letting out the use of the Church and Church hall, they should also be active in various committees, for example, in PCC meetings, in Finance and Fabric, and in Fundraising. If they are not able to be present in person, they have the authority to delegate a responsible individual to take their place.

I have been a Church Warden in the Parish of Maindee for over 20 years. During this time I have found it a great privilege to serve. I have received immense comfort from the support given by the different Vicars I have served under. I am also grateful for the support of the PCC and all the members of the congregation who were always ready to help me when help was needed.

I have overseen the closure of one of our daughter churches, (St. Matthews) and I helped organise the 150th year celebrations which commemorated the opening of St. John’s Church. I have been active in services when we have been without a Vicar. I have arranged working groups to paint the hall in St. Matthews and to paint the choir vestry and the church hall in St. Johns. Most often these activities did not require the warden to be “hands-on”. It is up to the individual if he/she wants to take an active part.

If anyone would like to know what is involved in being a Church Warden please contact an active warden in the Church.


Brian Hockey

St John's Church Maindee