On Christmas Eve, 24th December, at 16:00, we welcomed children, parents, grandparents — and all people of good will — to our Christingle service at St.John’s Church.

A tradition that began with the Moravian Church in the 18th century, Christingle has been a much-belovèd part of the UK’s Christmas celebrations since 1968. That year, the Children’s Society brought to our shores the idea of using four simple tools — an orange, a candle, a red ribbon, and dried fruit — to illustrate the world, Christ’s light, Christ’s sacrifice, and the life of creation as once again we tell the Christmas story and explore its meaning.

Collections at Christingle services still traditionally go to support the work of the Archbishop of Wales’s Fund for Children (successor to the Children’s Society in Wales); thus, in addition to a light, family-friendly, joyful service, we have a chance to support children and their communities in need.

St John's Church Maindee