We had planned to visit Oakwood on 22nd September but we were warned that the weather would be very wet and extremely windy and the suggestion was that we visited the theme park the following week. Aren’t I glad that we took this advice! It rained all day on the 22nd but the 29th was very sunny and really warm all day! We all enjoyed a smashing day in the sun and the girls made the most of the weather and the lack of visitors to have many sessions onĀ  the rides and the more scary they were, the better! With names like Megaphobia, Speed, Drenched, Waterfall, Vertigo and Tree Tops Roller-Coaster, one can only wonder at the fun the youngsters had during the day. Some of the adults (Ruth, Sam and Kiel) joined the girls but others (myself, Jan and Phyl) enjoyed the relaxing ambience of the picnic tables and the glorious sunshine! Phyl spent all day looking after the bags and didn’t move! The girls had a splendid day out and they are a pleasure to take out. Well-behaved and with excellent manners we enjoyed being with them from 9.00am to 7.00pm. The Choir Fund paid for this well-deserved away day. There are several photographs in the media gallery of this website!


St John's Church Maindee