Well, weren’t we lucky with the weather!! That was the general sentiment from everyone who enjoyed (?) a whole day in Oakwood. It had rained for most of the journey to West Wales and we had torrential rain for much of the journey home. Yet we saw not a drop of rain during our time in the theme park. The youngsters thoroughly enjoyed their day on the rides and all of them kept returning to the most scary of rides as often as time allowed! Us oldies, Ruth, Gill, Phyl, Jan and I sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee and, later, a gentle stroll around the site. The girls had a great time, using up all their energy walking and riding for most of the day. We joined together for lunch and then they were back to it, running back and forth to tell us of their adventures and excitement. We had travelled by car and the senior girls who travelled in my car were asleep within five minutes of leaving Oakwood. We had a quiet journey home!! We met at St John’s at 9.00 and I arrived back home at 7.00pm so it was a long day and well worth the effort. It says so much for the girls that they were all present for the service on Sunday morning. Well done all! My thanks to the adults who helped with support, driving and keeping a watchful eye on the girls; I couldn’t have done this day without you!! It is an expensive day out but well worth the money and the girls certainly repay this investment with their singing, commitment and loyalty. Unfortunately, five of the choristers were unable to be with us owing to illness or family comitments. Roll on next year!!

St John's Church Maindee