Reading Of Banns

Reading The Banns

The banns of marriage are the public announcement of an impending marriage between two people. In the Church of Wales, it is a legal requirement that your intention to marry is announced by the priest-in-charge on 3 Sundays prior to the wedding day.

The Banns At St John's

Calling Your Banns

Most church weddings require banns to be called beforehand. Calling the banns is a legal procedure in which your intention to marry is announced in the main parish service for three weeks running.

If one or both of you is/are not resident in the parish, you will also need to have banns called in your own parish church(es) — i.e, your parish(es) of residence.

To book the calling of your banns in one of our churches for a wedding elsewhere, please complete the required form by clicking the ‘Arrange A Banns Reading’ button above.  Please note that If you intend to marry in one of the churches in Maindee or Lliswerry, just book your wedding normally, and the banns are covered automatically.

We normally call banns during the first three weeks of the month before the wedding. There is no legal requirement for a couple to be present, but many families do enjoy coming along to hear them read. We can certainly assure you of a warm welcome.

After the final calling of your banns, you will need to collect a certificate to show the priest presiding at your wedding.  There is a £40 (cash only) fee for this service.  You can collect your certificate directly after the third Sunday of calling, or by arrangement from the priest-in-charge.

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