Philosophy & Mission

“Belonging before believing.” Our philosophy is to welcome everyone into our church. Whether you have an active faith, a simple curiosity, or are searching for answers, you’ll be welcomed for exactly who you are and where you’re at; you’ll be loved and encouraged in your journey, with no expectations. Take it all at your own pace. “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” – Matthew 6:7. Our clergy offer a liberal, inclusive welcome to any and all comers, whatever their situation of life, and our people are genuinely warm. Maindee is a very diverse area of Newport, and our aim is to reflect that diversity truly and honestly in who we are as a congregation. At St. John’s, you are not only welcome, but wanted.

Our Choir

St. John’s much-loved choral tradition goes back decades. Not only do our choir bring “the beauty of holiness” to each act of Sunday worship, but they also build a caring community and spirit of fun in the process. (Friday evening practices are well known for the frequency and volume of laughter.) Our choristers are all volunteers – adults who simply love to sing, and children whose talent is just budding – led by our skilled choirmaster, who works passionately and tirelessly encouraging everyone to thrive. We are always looking for new members, including those with little or no experience: could you be one? Click here to find out more.

Beechwood M.A.

The Beechwood Ministry Area is a joining of six local Anglican churches in Newport and Caerleon, east of the River Usk. We worship in a variety of styles – high or low, choral or congregational, formal or casual, large or small. This is our strength: wherever you are in the area, you can find a church that fits your niche. As a relatively new M.A., our clergy seek to work collaboratively to guide the development of our common life, and our congregations are still discovering paths of exploration amongst themselves and opportunities for worship, collaboration, and social life. Click here to find out more and join us in the exploration.


Father Will

Father Will


“I’d like to offer you a very warm welcome to St John’s.

Whether you are new to the area or looking to join a church community, you can be assured of our genuine hospitality. We aim to encourage deeper relationships with each other and with God, helping to make God’s presence known among us”

What's on this week at St. John's ...

20 May 2022
  • St. John's. Choir Practice.18:30
22 May 2022
  • St. John's. Sunday Mass (Sung).10:45
25 May 2022
  • St. John's. Midweek Mass.10:30

    Stay for coffee and a chat after. 🙂

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Our Church’s Past

Pastoral Services


A reading of the banns of marriage in church is an ancient legal tradition which represents the announcement of intention to marry. Any objectors can come forward at this stage.

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Weddings and Blessings

A wedding at church is a special ceremony where two individual people become as one in the eyes of God, united in marriage. Marriage blessings are also available to couples.

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At St John’s, a baptism service is a public declaration of faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and marks the beginning of an exciting spiritual journey within the Christian church.

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Church Groups

Rainbows And Brownies

Rainbows and Brownies groups offer young people expert guidance and countless new and exciting opportunities to develop.

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Church Sunday School

The Sunday school at St John’s provides a warm, welcoming atmosphere catering for all children in a spiritually nurturing way.

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Social And Bible Groups

St John’s social groups offer the opportunity to make new friends through sincere Christian fellowship and social engagement.

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Craft Skills Groups

Make the most of opportunities to meet people at St John’s while practising new and old skills in a friendly and supportive group.

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Newcomer FAQ

Just come along to any service and join in – it’s easy. If you’d like to find out more before coming along then contact us and we will try to answer any questions you may have.
There are no special requirements for clothes at St. John’s but it’s probably a good idea to avoid wearing flip-flops and shorts to a service.
Most definitely not! Our church wardens will make every effort to welcome you and offer you guidance on which books to use and where to sit. Try not to worry about getting everything right the first time.
At St John’s visitors are invited to take communion, and/ or receive a blessing. It’s perfectly fine to attend church for the first time and not take communion. Do whatever you feel most comfortable with.
Yes. You don’t need to be a member; however, you may find that becoming part of a church community is both rewarding and enjoyable.

The St John's Clergy

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Linda Batt

Vicar of Lliswerry

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